Students can schedule time to exercise without going to the gym

  By Franz Galvez Few people look at exercising as a fun and exciting thing to do on their free time.  Others look at it as a waste of time and a boring thing to do. Exercise doesn’t have to be as boring as you think. Who said that exercising should be a routine that should be followed on a daily basis? Unfortunately, that’s how many people view exercising and that…

May 2, 2012

Disabled dancer develops passion in dance

By Billy Galvez In the fourth grade, Vanessa Cruz started developing a passion for dancing. Her parents wouldn’t support her because they thought she would get injured. From sixth to eighth grade she began practicing at home. “I would practice for hours in front of the mirror in my room, and I would imagine myself on the stage,” Cruz said. Vanessa has had obstacles since birth, but she was determined not…

April 25, 2012