Fundraiser set to help recovering instructor’s medical expenses

By Brian Villalba A fundraiser will be held on May 19 for  instructor Robert John Arias, who is recovering from a stroke he suffered in November. Arias is paralyzed on his left side and is undergoing physical therapy. Nina Martinez, Arias’ sister said,  “Robert John wants to be self-sufficient … he wants to get back to teaching, but the physical therapy is necessary for that to happen, and it is costing…

April 25, 2012

ELAC history professor gives back to community

By Rosa Guillen  History Professor at both the South Gate and Monterey Park ELAC campuses, Carlos Ramirez, is definitely not “all books and no play.” He also enjoys a jam session here and there with fellow musicians. Even while teaching history classes at ELAC and Advanced Placement Government courses at South East High School in South Gate, Ramirez still makes time to pick up a guitar. “I like to pretend…

November 23, 2011