Chicano moratorium celebrates fiftieth anniversary

September 21, 2020

Hundreds of people rallied to march for about two and half miles in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium on Aug 29.
There were two meeting places: People walking met at Atlantic Park, while other drove down Whittier Boulevard from Pico Rivera.
However, the two groups joined together as the march began and went west toward Salazar Park.


Women share stories of Hispanic segregation

By Maegan Ortiz Recipient of the 2011 Medal of Freedom Sylvia Mendez and other women involved in a landmark segregation case spoke about the importance of community action on March 4. The event gave the history and personal accounts of the struggle against segregation of Mexican Americans in the Orange County public school system. Speaking at ELAC was a homecoming to Mendez, having taken classes at ELAC in 1975. She…

March 13, 2014

Man creates disturbance in Chicano Studies class

  By Danny Vasquez An unidentified man was taken away on a stretcher after disturbing a Chicano Studies class in the C2 bungalows yesterday around 6:25 p.m.The man was on the floor howling and screaming outside of classroom C2 125  AB, as the Sheriffs surrounded him. The man screamed “I don’t want to live” and “what am I going to do now?” as the Sheriffs and Cadets held him on…

March 6, 2013

Elan tries to create Machista Club

By Liliana Marquez The word “machista” has always had negative connotations but the new Machista Club will try to reform the definition of the word and its significance in today’s society. During Occupy ELAC, Elan Mike Sanchez saw some division between the men and women who participated in the movement and decided to create a Machista Club.“At first, the idea seemed childish, but it slowly began to gain momentum and…

March 21, 2012