Club fundraises to equip disabled people with adaptive equipment

By Francisco Portillo The Kinesiology Club is raising money for AbilityFirst, a program that is dedicated to providing disabled persons with adaptive equipment that assists the activities of daily living. AbilityFirst is a local program, with a building located on 154 N Gage Ave. In order to fundraise, the Kinesiology Club is teaming up with other clubs such as the Adelante, Math Club and the Association of Future Fire Fighters…

November 3, 2016

Brand new club dedicated to pop culture

By Ceasar Carbajal For those who love pop culture at East Los Angeles College, the Cultural Assembly for Social Entertainment is dedicated to it. CASE was formed in mid-October of 2013 and is a club that discusses how contemporary pop culture influences Americans today. Whenever a celebrity does something during the weekend, it makes headlines and is the topic of discussion every Monday at school. “Everyone is welcome, and everyone’s…

November 27, 2013

Unchartered 350-2-SH club promotes healthy environment

By Jane Fernandez 350-2-Sustain Humanity, an unchartered club aims to not only become a part of the student’s life, but a part of the world. The club’s mission is to “bring education and awareness to people about the benefits and importance of living a sustainable life style,” as said in the club’s mission statement. “We are stressing the 350 because this represents the limit of parts per million of CO2…

September 28, 2011

Clubs help families for Thanksgiving

By Jane Fernandez Thanksgiving is more than two months away, but some Elans are already working to help collect enough food to feed many low-income families. The Feminist Club and the East Los Angeles College Students for Political Awareness, ESPA, joined together on Friday to host a canned food drive for low-income families for Thanksgiving. “Children are waking up hungry and going to sleep hungry, the only food they get is…

September 22, 2011