OPINION: Dodge misuses Martin Luther King, Jr. speech in advertisement

By Frank Portillo Respected historical figures should be off the table when it comes to advertising. As one of the most watched live televised events, the Super Bowl even intrigues viewers between the action with clever ads and             long-awaited movie trailers. One of this year’s commercials, however, caused quite a bit of controversy. The ad in question featured a voice-over of Martin Luther King…

February 14, 2018

Film industry uses ELAC for commercials

By Danny Vasquez Acting as host to the film industry, a few commercials and public service announcements were filmed at various locations across the campus to raise money to compensate for the budget cuts. A few areas that were highlighted were the Weingart Stadium, the G3 auditorium and the swim stadium. Last Wednesday, J.G. Wentworth filmed an internet commercial between the G1 administration building and the and G3 auditorium.  The…

May 18, 2012