Perfume debuts in America with world tour

By Jade Inglada   After four full albums and 20 major singles released, Perfume made its American concert debut during World Tour 3rd at the Hollywood Palladium on Nov. 9. Perfume is a Japanese girl group consisting of Nocchi (Ayana Ōtomo), Kashiyuka (Yuka Kashino) and A~chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki). The group is known for its techno and electro pop sound and intricate choreography. The group celebrated its nine year major debut…

November 10, 2014

Symphony provides musical nostalgia

  By Eduardo Preciado The East Los Angeles College Symphonic Band Concert, held last Friday at the S2 Recital Hall, recognized classic music pieces and provided the listener with familiar images. Despite the performance being delayed by half an hour and no guest performers, the concert still had a great turnout.  The last piece of music that the band played was one that most “V for Vendetta” fans would recognize,…

May 16, 2012

Jazz band ends semester on a good note

By Ariana Renteria The East Los Angeles Jazz band ends their last jazz concert for the spring semester with great potential.  The band waited on stage as the lights faded down, the blue mood lights faded up and Director Bob Dawson walked on stage sporting a black suit and a yellow tie. The band came together last Friday.  Dawson began tapping his foot and the band began their first piece very…

May 9, 2012

Tight plot ‘Ides’ shine

By: Justine Quintana “The Ides of March” is a story of a modern day political campaign entailing the ‘hush-hush’ situations that happen behind the scenes and the limits one dedicated second-in-command will go to. The film stars Ryan Gosling as Stephen Meyers and George Clooney as Mike Morris. Meyers has to not only save his career, but also the career of the governor he is campaigning for, Morris. Meyers brings…

October 13, 2011