Athletes who wear masks ensure their mental health

East Los Angeles College makes a positive step forward to have successful and healthy in-person courses, including sports. Many dedicated athletes are eager to play again. However, this would require that they wear masks during practice and games. Student-Athletes who wear masks while playing are extraordinary. This will ensure the safety of players, fans, coaches and referees.

September 23, 2021

Pandemic results in decline of mental health

December 3, 2020

The mental health of college students is negatively affected by COVID-19. Students are suffering from an increase in stress and anxiety due to the virus. COVID-19 is causing students to worry about loved ones and their own well-being rather than focusing on school which is already stressful enough.


Exploring ways to help people with depression

October 22, 2020

The Los Angeles Community College District created a safe place for constituents to share their personal experiences with depression and other mental issues. They hosted a mental health workshop to introduce ways to identify and support people with mental health issues.


Hopeful author, Elan overcomes disability

By Cristina Galvan Lizbeth Gutierrez does not let her disabilities get in the way.  She uses her faith to stay strong and help others. Twenty-two-year-old Gutierrez was born with cerebral palsy. Growing up, one of the hardest things she had to endure was being told by others that she could not do certain things, because she has a disability. This constant put down led Gutierrez to fall into a depression that…

December 7, 2011