New documentary explores life of activist Dolores Huerta

By Dorany Pineda Director Peter Bratt’s new documentary “Dolores” is a powerful, intimate and engaging look into the life of activist, feminist and rebel Dolores Huerta. Huerta––unbeknownst to many––was cofounder of the National Farmworkers Association, which would later be known as the United Farmworkers Union. She, along with the more widely-known Cesar Chavez, fought tirelessly to change the miserable working conditions and unjust treatment of the country’s food growers in…

September 14, 2017

Poli Sci club talks of gender and race inequality

By Amanda Rodarte In honor of Women’s history month, East Los Angeles College Political Science Club (ESPA) hosted a discussion about the history of women in politics this past Thursday. In the discussion, it was discovered that not only gender, but race also contributes to inequality. President of ESPA Sonny Martinez began by reintroducing women who have made an impact in the United States. He started with Clara Lemlich, who…

March 21, 2014