Fighting the silence at home

By Felipe Rodriguez Domestic violence is a serious issue in the Latino community and many of these cases simply go unheard. Documented or not, reporting domestic violence is an essential response everyone needs to take part in. One common response to domestic violence is that people are afraid that they will be deported if they report any disturbances. Although this generation is scared by the actions of the current presidential…

April 19, 2017

Students learn about domestic violence through workshop

By Johanna Calderon “Why domestic violence victims won’t leave” was an informational workshop presented to ELAC students on Oct. 13  in E3-325. According to sociology professor Eileen Le who spoke to the students, it is never easy for the victims because they are in love with the person and hope that they can change them. At first everything is going wonderfully, but then little-by-little the abuse isolates them from everyone….

November 23, 2016

East L.A. Women’s Center offers multitude of services for female, male Elans

By Jerry Casarez For more than 35 years, the East Los Angeles Women’s center has provided a safe haven within the community for victims of sexual and domestic violence. Not only have they created a safe environment where a victim can get the proper counseling to help start the healing process, but they have also become a place where educational tools and training are provided to help promote awareness. The…

May 2, 2012

Abuse victims need to speak up

By Johanna Calderon Domestic violence is the biggest crime and victims don’t want to report it. Most mothers do not want to call the police because they may have children and do not have another place to stay or an income. Because they have no other place to go, they stay with their abusing father, who continues abusing the mother. This traumatizes the children, resulting in an unhappy childhood. The…

November 9, 2011

Self-defense tactics get students involved

By Lourdes Espinoza As part of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Violence Intervention Team hosted “Common Sense Self-Defense” where Marilyn Ladd taught students how to defend themselves from sexual assault. Ladd, Women’s P.E. Instructor and Violence Intervention Team member, demonstrated self-defense moves to students last Thursday in the Women’s Gym. Students were taught how they could use common self-defense tips if they are ever in an unwanted confrontation with a…

October 26, 2011

Candles light way for demonstrators

By Jane Fernandez Raising awareness about domestic violence issues was the topic of the day at the 14th Annual Candlelight Vigil: Mujeres de Paz event, last Thursday. The East-Los-Angeles-based, Women’s Support Center organized and participated in the walk that drew a large contingent of East Los Angeles College students and faculty. “Stop the violence. Violence is not the answer,” said a woman, as she marched down the street following the…

October 12, 2011