Skill building workshops help South Gate students

  By Sandy Gamino The South Gate campus  offers many workshops in which students are able to acquire different skills they will benefit from. The librarians, June Cheng, Gabriela Lopez, and Karen Bourgaize are the instructors. Workshops last up to an hour and take place in room 109. These workshops are designed to help students gain resources that will help them in their classes.  The question is, do students take…

May 17, 2014

E-books are essential for students

  By Brian Villalba   E-readers are the future of books and are the morally right approach for college learning. E-readers are a way for educational institutions to provide relief to college students who have an increasing financial burden. Every year there are new book editions coming out where the content has not changed or changed minimally. Human anatomy has not changed much in the last few million years. Ancient…

September 27, 2012