Historic artwork honors Egyptian death, afterlife

November 5, 2018

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has loaned the Vincent Price Art Museum Egyptian artwork to display, including funerary tools and a real mummy.
“Passing through the Underworld” the exhibition, introduces “Egyptian art with a focus on myth and funerary practice.”


Ancient Egyptian mummy arrives at VPAM

By Steven Adamo For the first time, an Egyptian mummy was brought to East Los Angeles and revealed at the Vincent Price Art Museum Saturday during the opening of “Passing Through the Underworld: Egyptian Art.” The mummy is of an individual named Tastetnethor and is from the 22nd to 24th Dynasty, 945-700 BCE. The mummy set comes in four pieces: the wood coffin containing the human remains of Tastetnethor, the…

March 27, 2018

VPAM to explore Egyptian Art

By Steven Adamo A collection of art focusing on the myths and funerary practices of the ancient Egyptians will open next Saturday at the Vincent Price Art Museum. “Passing Through the Underworld: Egyptian Art,” is a collection of Egyptian art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The collection includes sculptures created with a wide range of techniques using materials like limestone, porphyry, bone, granite and bronze. “Egyptians were…

March 8, 2018