Jaywalking can be hazardous to students

By Jane Fernandez Driving through the streets around campus has become a challenge because not only is there traffic but also students jump into the street as cars are driving by. Students at East Los Angeles College should stop being lazy and cross the street at a crosswalk when it is their turn. Although the streets around campus are always being watched by cops, many students still break the law…

December 17, 2014

Traffic on Floral Drive threatens students’ lives, becomes hazardous

December 3, 2014

By Sergio Ruiz Floral Drive can be a dangerous street if a pedestrians are not careful. Floral Drive is on the north side of East Los Angeles College. It’s a long street where cars tend to speed and because there are no crosswalk signs, neglecting that pedestrians cross constantly. The intersection of West Floral Drive and Crest Vista Ave is a very active spot with many pedestrians crossing the street….


Campus shuts down two days for repairs

By Russell J. Zazueta Classrooms around campus were closed Oct. 3 as a result of a leaking pipe needed to the vital operation of East Los Angeles College’s air conditioning system. It has since been repaired and is working properly. According to Plant Facilities Director Abel Rodriguez, he, along with other staff members, discovered water seeping up from underground in an area outside the Central Plant near Weingart Stadium along…

October 16, 2014