Student finds new home at ELAC

November 15, 2017

By Frank Portillo After living a closeted life in foster youth, student worker Jaci Cortez now assists others as part of the Dream Resource Center staff. Her biological mother is an undocumented citizen from Guatemala and was deported for drug charges when Cortez was 4. Since she was born in the U.S., she was placed in foster care. At age 5, she was adopted by a family, but ran away…


Former Foster Youth advises Foster Educational Support Program

By Gisselle Palomera Abel Lara, a former foster youth is now dedicating his career to helping others through self-empowerment and motivation. Lara graduated from ELAC and returned to be an advisor for other former foster youth as part of the Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support program, CAYFES when it began 2 years ago. CAYFES is dedicated to helping students find housing, get food vouchers and provide them with school…

May 16, 2017