Free speech diversity in California college campuses

By: Alejandro Alonso The first amendment is a primary right and should be allowed to be exercised on all of campus. It should not be limited to a zone which the school deems acceptable and accommodate students who desire to express their rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. Colleges and universities are cornerstones of democracy and should allow free speech to further the educational process. The act of cancelling a…

May 16, 2017

Where does one draw the line with free speech?

By Erik Luna   One day as I was walking back to the E7 building from the A bungalows, I started to get a bit hungry. Seeing that I had to pass by the lunch truck, I figured I would stop by and get a hamburger. Then what do I happen to see in the free speech area? None other than bloody and grotesque posters of aborted and dismembered fetuses…

March 14, 2013