ELAC Budget Committee aims to fix school funding

September 20, 2018

By Miguel Barrigan  The Budget Committee discussed their goal of preparing for the implementation of the new funding formula on Monday. The new formula is the way the state will decide how to fund colleges and their respective districts. It will be based on a point system split in three categories according to: current students enrolled, number of students receiving financial aid, and how well students are performing. Alan Khuu,…


Students should take advantage of financial aid resources

By Alexa Santana The Financial Aid Department provides students with the resources they need, but students are not taking advantage these resources. Students failed to attend the last financial aid town hall meeting, that provided important information about the upcoming school year. Starting in the fall there will be adjustments to the Board of Governor’s Fee waiver that many students use to  pay for tuition. Students will need to keep…

April 30, 2015