Game Club shares ‘Captain America’ film expectations

            By Gianfranco Abrego As everyone prepares to watch “Captain America: Civil War” the Game Club at ELAC has there own points of views and expectations. The ELAC Game Club meet up twice a week Monday from 12:10-1:20 at E3-331 and Wednesday E3 308 the same time. There are many students that are in the club that are deeply passionate about gaming. What the club does…

May 17, 2016

Nursing students provide health assistance for Elans

By Rogelio Alvarez East Los Angeles College nursing students voluntarily held a free checkup event which provided testsing foron blood pressure and, blood glucose and addressed health questions. Nursing Program students set up tents outside of the Nursing Building last Wednesday. “We want to help people in our community. That’s why we have the fair,” Nursing Department Chair Lurelean Gaines said. The main goal for the health fair is to…

April 27, 2016