Traveling prices drop amid pandemic

December 10, 2020

With surging COVID-19 cases in America, it’s been the year of road trips for those fortunate enough to travel. The pandemic created difficult times for many, financially and health-wise there’s no question it has been a struggle.


Let’s subtract math from the graduation equation

Having math courses be required to graduate is wrong and it’s not helpful. At East Los Angeles College (ELAC), one of the requirements needed to graduate is to complete Math 125 or higher. These higher levels of math are usually very complicated and will serve no purpose to most students in their everyday lives. I’m a person who is not the biggest fan of math; in fact, I passionately hate…

December 2, 2019

OPINION: Lack of guidance makes graduation feel nonexistant

By Cristal Gomez East Los Angeles College students have not received first notice regarding graduation petitions regarding eligibility for graduation. The end of the spring semester is what every student looks forward to especially if it is their last semester at ELAC. For some students, this means it is their turn to transfer and begin a new journey at a four-year university. Zuvanny Macias, who is a communication major, will…

May 23, 2018

Graduates honored at ceremony

By Jordan Elias East Los Angeles College honored its graduates on Tuesday during a graduation ceremony at Weingart Stadium. “We are honored to be able to accomplish this for the students,” said ELAC President Marvin Martinez. Graduates’ families and friends were present in the event. Part of ELAC administratio spoke in front of the students and families. “You (for the students) could do it. You could graduated and now you…

June 7, 2017

ELAC counselor falsely misinforms student on graduations status

By: Samantha Moreno “Unfortunately you aren’t eligible to graduate at this time,” said the counselor who shall not be named, but almost ruined this year’s graduation for me. ELAC counselors have this ability to give you all the wrong information in those wonderful 30 minute appointments. Little did I know I was going to have to be my own “academic advisor” my last two years of school. At the start…

May 16, 2017