All restrooms should be cleaned equally

By Vivian Ramirez Not all restrooms are created equal. Upkeep and cleanliness in restrooms should be equal, but it isn’t. The quality of East Los Angeles College’s restrooms vary dramatically. From the pristine white porcelain thrones that grace the halls of F7 to the retro 90s-era stalls that linger in older structures, specifically the bungalow restrooms near the C2 classrooms near the temporary library. It seems that every time I walk into…

March 1, 2012

Elans risk the health of others

By Freddy Monares People use their hands everyday.  These hands are used to meet new people, open doors, handle money and hold food. I remember being around five-years-old and my mother telling me to wash my hands after I touched anything. To this day I will not leave a restroom without turning on the faucet, slapping some soap on my hands and lathering them until clean. According to the United States…

October 6, 2011