‘Blair Witch’ makes comeback

By Francisco Portillo “Blair Witch” has made a return to theaters after a decade of being shelved, managing to scare the hell out of audiences everywhere. With the emerging popularity of horror films, it was only a matter of time before a sequel or remake of the 1999 classic, “The Blair Witch Project” was made. Ignoring the original sequel “Book of Shadows,” “Blair Witch” takes place 17 years after the…

September 21, 2016

Dark Horrors come alive in ‘The Witch’

By Dorany Pineda Robert Eggers succeeds in immersing the audience into the suspenseful, horror-driven world of “The Witch” in his debut feature film. Set on a farm in 1630’s New England, “The Witch” tells the story about a supernatural entity that causes a family to tear itself apart. When newborn Samuel disappears under the watch of the oldest daughter Thomasin, played by Anya Taylor Joy, despair and fear closes in on…

February 24, 2016