Students should band together, get vaccinated

It came like a predicted tsunami. Covid, a force that began quietly and powerful, something only a few were prepared for. A [Pandemic], a word not commonly known to many before the year 2019. One that now holds true meaning to everyone and severe consequences that still affect many. While some work on recuperating lost jobs, relationships, and the ability to go about their normal daily routine, others remain wounded. Physically, mentally, and emotionally the aftershocks of Covid are present. Covid 19 once labeled as a novice virus continues to impact every student at East Los Angeles College.

May 25, 2021

Some classes are confirmed to return fall semester

In what has been a struggling year and a half for most will finally have some sense of normalcy. ELAC will have limited in-person classes returning for the fall semester. It will have been well over a year since ELAC campus was forced to suspend in-person classes due to the COVID-19 virus but it seems like that will change during Fall.

March 19, 2021

Academic Senate follows government guidelines in-person classes for fall

By: Raymond Nava The East Los Angeles College Academic Senate met last Tuesday and discussed a proposed process of reopening the campus for in person classes.  The senate also took up a variety of other issues as well as taking action on them.  Among some of the important actions and discussions at the meeting were whether to approve a shared governance process, whether to add back lost hours due to…

March 11, 2021