Community festival empowers women

By Dorany Pineda  In celebration of International Women’s Day, Las Fotos Project held its 3rd annual Viva la Muxer event—an all-women art and music festival in East Los Angeles on Saturday. “[Viva la Muxer] showcases a lot of the community and the art. I feel like it’s a safe space for women, and to see what other women can do,” Diaz said. “Men always dominate all the spaces. That’s why…

March 15, 2017

Demonstrators march to support women’s rights

By Dorany Pineda Hundreds of people gathered at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters on Sunday at noon in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day. Representative of organizations and collectives spoke to the crowds about the history of violence and oppression committed against women and minority groups. The masses, led by women of the AF3IRM Los Angeles Organization group in a truck, marched in unison through the streets of Downtown LA….

March 9, 2016

Elans need Women’s History Month

  By Maegen Ortiz It is time to get radical about Women’s History Month, observed this month.  Radical, by definition, means going to the root or origin of something. The roots of Women’s History Month are planted in International Working Women’s Day, observed on March 8th. When Women’s Day was first celebrated, before it had formal recognition from any government, it was a protest movement. In the early 20th century…

March 6, 2014