Play receives standing ovation

By Javier Lopez  The play, “Mariela in the Desert,” got a standing ovation on opening night thanks to the actors’ beautiful performances and perfect stage direction. It is a charming play filled with anger, tragedy, despair, love and sacrifice. These themes come together in one house in the middle of the desert, where dreams are dried up. “The desert is God’s canvas” repeats Vance Valencia during his performance in Mariela…

November 8, 2016

Local play ‘Mariela in the Desert’ representative of Latinx communities

By Javier Lopez  A new play by Karen Zacarías will have its Los Angeles debut on Friday, at CASA 0101, hoping to bring Latinx and women representation to the arts. The word Latin(x) is a neutral way of saying the word latino or  latina, and helps make the term inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community. The play is called “Mariela in the Desert” and has been critically acclaimed by the Washington Post. Zacarías…

November 3, 2016

Film brings conflict for viewers

By Javier Lopez Sexual abuse and rape are very serious crimes and those who commit them must be held accountable. Our society and criminal justice system treats the abuse of women and others too lightly and that needs to change. It is detrimental to women in our society and anyone who faces sexual assault, causing them to live in constant fear. This issue is the reason why deciding whether or…

October 20, 2016

Campus construction blocking opportunities

By Javier Lopez The construction work being done outside of the Transfer Centers’ new location is detrimental to students and their transfer process. We have enough Elans confused about where the Transfer Center is ever since it moved from the Students Service Center to F5 during the summer. The blockade for construction completely covers the transfer center, making it seem as if there is no way to reach it. Students…

October 12, 2016

League of Women Voters informs Elans about propositions

By Javier Lopez The League of Women Voters Los Angeles (LWVLA) and the Associated Student Union (ASU) brought guest speakers to ELAC in order to inform students about the pros and cons of Proposition 55 and 57. The debate began with Kim McGill from the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) defending Prop. 57. She stated all of the benefits that the proposition would bring to California’s communities. One of the problems…

October 12, 2016

Prop 55 helps provide for education

By Javier Lopez The smarter Californians are, the more prosperous the state will be, and proposition 55 will help us reach that goal. California needs more money for education. If voters pass Proposition 55, the K-12 educational system and community colleges, will be funded through a tax that has already been in place since 2012, thanks to Proposition 30. Proposition 55 will be an extension of proposition 30 which taxes the…

September 21, 2016

Choosing a greener, presidential candidate

By Javier Lopez The saying, “Vote for the lesser of two evils” is thrown around in abundance during presidential elections, but with Jill Stein, we can vote for the interest of our communities. I believe this is more important than electing someone we do not want as president out of fear. Stein is running for president as part of the Green Party, which steers away from the usual two party system…

September 14, 2016

Law school program comes to ELAC

By Javier Lopez The State Bar of California recently chose East Los Angeles College to participate in the Bar’s “Community Colleges Pathway to Law School” Initiative. Now that the program is recognized by the state, members at ELAC get priority consideration at participating law schools. The program also provides students with many other services and opportunities that help demystify law school their brochure says. Through the Pathway to Law School…

December 9, 2015

Change for undocumented students coming soon

By Javier Lopez There is a petition meant  to increase support for a bill titled AB 1366, which could make higher education institutions more inclusive for undocumented students. The bill could potentially create Dream Resource Centers in all Community and California State Colleges if passed. It states that the University of California do so as well. This bill could benefit students all over California, including students at East Los Angeles…

September 22, 2015

Students unaware of ASU services

By Javier Lopez It seems the Associated Students Union, whose main goal is to provide students at East Los Angeles College with services hasn’t reached out to enough students yet. Although, there are many students who are aware of ASU there are just as many who don’t know much about it. After asking a few students if they knew what ASU was, six out of eight either did not know…

May 21, 2015