Additional enrollment limitations to hit California’s community colleges

By Megan Perry The Board of Governors approved new Title 5 regulations, which will establish another restriction for students’ enrollment priority at California’s community colleges. Students will now face another limitation on enrollment priorities, along with the budget cuts and the three-attempt rule. The Board of Governors said they adopted the new regulations as a means to improve student success. One component of the Board of Governors’ adopted  regulations is that continuing…

September 27, 2012

District taps into ELAC reserve funds

By Megan Perry The budget situation at East Los Angeles College for the 2012-13 school  year is getting worse and a new allocation model is not helping matters. This year’s budget is less than last year’s, requiring more dependence on the school’s reserved balance and more cuts to classes and supplies. The Los Angeles Community College District adopted a new allocation model, which affects ELAC in a negative way. The…

September 14, 2012

ELAC deliberates recommended section reductions

  By Veronica Hurtado East Los Angeles College will reduce section offerings by approximately seven percent for the 2012-13 school year to meet expected budget as the school’s Enrollment Management Committee proposes. The school’s EMC, composed of faculty and some administration staff, released a report recommending new section targets and a process for the school to meet enrollment demand. The EMC’s purpose is to inform the college on how to best address…

March 16, 2012

East L.A. College stands to lose $4 million

By Vivian Ramirez The state Executive Committee of the District Budget Committee (ECDBC) is currently drafting a new allocation formula for the distribution of funds to the Los Angeles Community College District that would cost ELAC an estimated $4 million. The District Budget Committee (DBC) oversees the development of the district’s budgets, makes recommendations to the budget and monitors college debt and attempts to reduce it.  Currently, the allocation model…

February 29, 2012

ELAC Political Science teacher wants to help students

By Christina Rocha A person becomes a teacher because they care about students as human beings who crave to learn.  Jeffrey Hernandez is the vice chair for the Political Science Department. His duty as vice chair is to be a facilitator for the political science instructors and to also supervise part-time political science teachers. Hernandez taught at East Los Angeles College part-time before he heard about an open full-time position…

December 14, 2011