Review: ‘Mera: Tidebreaker’ not only a queen, but a heroine

By Juan Calvillo DC comics newest graphic novel “Mera: Tidebreaker,” deepens the heroines origin by mixing courage and inner strength, making Mera more than just Aquaman’s partner. The graphic novel comes as the first title for DC Comics’ newest imprint “DC Ink,” a print that is focused on young adult readers. Despite not being a part of the main comic line, this graphic novel shows great promise for the upcoming…

April 23, 2019

Version of adolescent Holmes ends

“A Question of Holmes” is the final book in Brittany Cavallaro’s Sherlockian series. It has continued the partnership of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson only reimagined as teenagers with the angst and problems that come with adolescence.

March 21, 2019