Anti-Trump protest unites college students

By Lauren Colberg and Joshua Davis East Los Angeles College students took part in a walkout last Wednesday to protest the election of Donald Trump as president. Students began the walkout at 11 a.m., and marched together around the school and to City hall. The walkout was organized by a group of students the morning after the presidential election on Nov. 8. The students got in touch with the ASU…

November 29, 2016

Remember the DAPL Protests this Thanksgiving

by Lauren Colberg While most families are preparing for their long awaited thanksgiving feast, other families that are native to this country fight to protect their land. The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, located in the central part of North and South Dakota, fights to protect its land from the Dakota Access Pipeline that is designed to transfers close to six hundred thousand barrels of crude oil from North Dakota to…

November 22, 2016