Documentary produced-Leonardo DiCaprio focuses on ecological future

By Dorany Pineda  Fisher Steven’s documentary “Before the Flood,” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes an in-depth look at planet earth’s terrifying trajectory into an apocalyptic ecological future. A bleak, but poignant, insight into a nightmarish time, the film is a vivid portrait of the beauty and fragility of life on our planet, and all that is at risk if we don’t care for it. “Before the Flood” is incredibly persuasive…

November 9, 2016

Contests: ‘The Great Gatsby’ giveaway

  This is an exclusive giveaway giving East Los Angeles College students the opportunity to enter for a chance to win movie passes and a paperback copy of “The Great Gatsby” book and exclusive promotional items courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture’s “The Great Gatsby.” Site visitors should enter by answering the following thematic question: Finish this line from “The Great Gatsby” trailer: “Gatsby, he had a grand vision for his…

May 10, 2013