‘Non-Stop’ fails to disappoint

By Liliana Marquez From Spanish director and producer Jaume Collet-Serra comes  “Non-Stop,” an exciting action-thriller with a cast led by Irish action hero Liam Neeson who takes the audience on an exciting plane ride full of action, suspense and excitement. Neeson, 61, proves that at his age he still has what it takes –and more– to give  to give life to a great action character. His performance is one of…

March 6, 2014

Warner Bros. Has audiences rooting for the underdog in “The LEGO Movie”

By Jesus Figueroa LEGOs come to life on the big screen with a compelling underdog film in Warner Brothers’s “The LEGO Movie.” The storyline of the film is complex and reaches down to dark themes making it a great film for adults as well as kids. LEGO villain Lord Business, voiced by Will Ferrell, steals the LEGO universe’s most powerful weapon the “Kragle” from Vitruvious, voiced by Morgan Freeman. Vitruvious…

February 3, 2014