Library holds workshop to help students find sources

By Allison Beatty The ‘Find Articles’ workshop Monday in the East Los Angeles College library was attended by only one of the two students who registered. The workshop, held in room 103 of the library, focused on finding the difference between a popular and scholarly article, when using each would work best and how to take full advantage of the ELAC library article database. There were even group activities on…

February 28, 2018

Students unhappy with latest library policy change

By Julie Santiago Students who petitioned for longer library hours in 2015 think that the new group study room policies lack transparency. The policies, which were implemented in Spring 2017, have study rooms in the library closing 15 minutes before the library closes. These study room policies have concerned some students who feel this could be the beginning of other library cutbacks. “We did not work hard for over a…

December 6, 2017

Recent groping incidents prompt larger cadet presence

By Joe Dargan The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department placed a cadet, a non-sworn peace officer with the Los Angeles Community College District, in East Los Angeles College’s library full time. The placement of a full-time cadet follows recent groping events. On Sept. 5, a male student was arrested for groping a female student in the library and returned on Sept. 14 to victimize someone else. Before October, cadets would patrol…

November 8, 2017

Art flows through movements

October 18, 2017

By Steven Adamo Art, science and philosophy are woven through history in the mural titled “Education Suite: Arte, Ciencia, y Filosofia” located inside the Helen Miller Bailey Library. Erika Montenegro, instruction librarian at the Helen Miller Bailey Library, put together a research guide last month on the ELAC website out of demand for information about the mural from students and professors. Montenegro teaches a library science class and uses the…


Library etiquette 101

September 20, 2017

By Melody Ortiz The rules of behavior in a library should not be ignored just because there is no sign implementing them. The East Los Angeles College campus library does not have a code of conduct sign posted anywhere in sight, or any sign indicating how visitors should act within the building . However, the knowledge of behavior in a library is something that is assumed of any college student….


ELAC’s Online Library Resources Easy Access For Students

By Andrea Hernandez College students can find essay information and can also do casual research on the East Los Angeles College Library online article databases. Students can use these databases to get information from legitimate sources. Search engines such as Google are not legitimate sources. “I used to rely on Google for all my assignments, only squeaking by the minimum requirements. I think it was an English 101 class that…

May 16, 2017

Unproductive students in library distract the rest

By Amber Paramo and Cortez Cruz Serrato As of Spring 2015, East Los Angeles College library has not been the environment it once was quiet and accessible. ELAC’s library is a place where students should be able to concentrate, study and focus. Nothing is more important than the level of silence that helps create the library’s environment. With loud volume of voices, music and conversations the library is no longer…

March 4, 2015

Skill building workshops help South Gate students

May 17, 2014

  By Sandy Gamino The South Gate campus  offers many workshops in which students are able to acquire different skills they will benefit from. The librarians, June Cheng, Gabriela Lopez, and Karen Bourgaize are the instructors. Workshops last up to an hour and take place in room 109. These workshops are designed to help students gain resources that will help them in their classes.  The question is, do students take…


Former ELAC student pays homage to instructor

By Cristina Galvan   Rita Soza remembers her times with teacher Helen Miller Bailey fondly. Soza is currently working on a biography on Bailey. Besides having the library named after her, Bailey left a strong impact on many of her students, including Soza. Soza attended Elac in the Early ‘70s.  She took two classes with Bailey, which were Western Civilization 1 and 2. After receiving her Associates degree, Soza attended…

March 13, 2013