Book banning limits students’ educational growth

By Cortez Cruz Serrato The banning of books goes against the ideals and values that our country stands for. Adult readers should have the right to choose what kind of literature they want to read. Parents and guardians should be the only decision makers in what literature their child has access to and if the reading material they are being assigned in their school is appropriate. The banning and challenging…

October 8, 2014

Respecting poetry as yourself

By Erik Luna People need to realize that the written word is something to be marveled at not something to be made a mockery of. Students, usually immature teenagers, look down on those who choose to express themselves verbally and intellectually. Poetry and spoken word have risen to some popularity as of late, but there are always those wise-cracking, loose lipped and intellectually challenged people who look down on this…

May 9, 2012

Carol Lem: Longtime professor, poet left indelible mark

By Megan Perry Adored and admired poet and teacher, Carol Lem, died of cancer February 11, leaving her mark on East Los Angeles College and in the Los Angeles literary world. She was a petite woman who stood approximately five feet tall, but her power and influence were gigantic. “I always admired that somebody who was not at all physically intimidating carried her weight and got her way out there,” said…

February 29, 2012