ELAC’s sanitary standards

East Los Angeles College is home to thousands of students that have different preferences of cleanliness. Some students like to keep their environment clean, while some students don’t mind the filthiness. Littering seems like an outdated offense, however, it is prevalent and seen all over campus on a daily basis. Different cultures have different ideas and standards of hygiene. People often represent their values in the practices they partake in…

December 4, 2019

Litterers deny students’ clean campus

By Russell Zazueta From bushes to planting-strips to underneath benches, scraps of garbage flutter in the wind everywhere at East Los Angeles College, and it will deter the minds of new student prospects from enrolling. A cleaner campus is an ideal that officials from the Strategic Planning Committee at ELAC should improve awareness on. Implementation of effective signage around campus to inform students that there is a responsibility in keeping…

October 14, 2014