G.E. requirements help improve oneself

By JC Casarez Students must be willing to step out of their comfort zone and take classes that challenge the mind. This helps develop students into an intelligent person. As I go through the day, I encounter a variety of people from different walks of life. The one thing I usually look for is a good conversation when I meet new faces. To me this is very telling about a person in…

May 23, 2012

Don’t take all general education classes first

By Yesenia Martinez Waiting to take major course work right before transferring or graduating can be foolish and costly. Most students enter college being undecided on their major. Students want to decide on a major early in their school career so it does not cause money or delays in the long run. It is a good idea for students who know what they want to major in to take introductory courses…

September 28, 2011