Poetry Reading Night at ELAC

By Maria Marroquin Inspiring 11-year-old poet, Violeta Tabilla joined East Los Angeles College Writers Society club’s open mic night last Friday at Tonali Studio. Obed Silva, host of the event, promoted “East Side Rose”, the 1st edition of ELAC’s literary magazine. In addition to pieces written by ELAC’s current and past students as well as some professors, the magazine contains work from members of the East LA community such as the…

March 21, 2018

Freedom fighter talks community power

By Maria Marroquin Adelante First Year Programs Social Justice Plactica on Thursday brought awareness to students about the struggles and similarities between the black and brown communities. Tyson Amir, author of Black Boy Poems, was the speaker of the platica. The publication of his book had a meaningful date for him because it was on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Black Panther party. He spoke about the…

February 28, 2018

First Cupid’s Dance celebrates love

By Maria Marroquin First Cupid’s Dance hosted at East Los Angeles College was a great welcome back to students due to its combination of great music and free tacos. Only a couple of minutes went by after the doors of the event opened when a long line started forming outside ELACs multipurpose room. Once people walking by smelled the delicious scent of tacos al pastor, asada and chicken they could not…

February 22, 2018

Anticipated Netflix British film is a bust

By Maria Marroquin The new Netflix original, “The Ritual” has a great scenery, music and sound effects as well as a good balanced combination of humor and horror. The movie begins with a group of old college friends planning a trip while at a bar. The characters find themselves arguing and not being able to agree on one location. As they are going home the main character, Luke played by…

February 14, 2018