Education depends on Proposition 30

  By Megan Perry Life for students gets tougher and rougher as the semesters stack up. The fight for courses gets more vicious, the need for supplies deepens and staying in school gets harder by the day. Last month, the Board of Governors approved new Title 5 regulations, which puts a 100-unit cap on priority registration. In addition to that, the East Los Angeles College Academic Senate just recently approved a policy…

October 10, 2012

Additional enrollment limitations to hit California’s community colleges

By Megan Perry The Board of Governors approved new Title 5 regulations, which will establish another restriction for students’ enrollment priority at California’s community colleges. Students will now face another limitation on enrollment priorities, along with the budget cuts and the three-attempt rule. The Board of Governors said they adopted the new regulations as a means to improve student success. One component of the Board of Governors’ adopted  regulations is that continuing…

September 27, 2012

Football streak ends at 10

By Megan Perry A last-second field goal lead to a Husky loss during a nail-biting conference opener against Mt. San Jacinto College last Saturday on Husky territory. It was the first loss since Sept. 24, 2011 against College of the Canyons. MSJC kicker Jaime Lucio connected on a winning 32-yard field goal with 7.5 seconds left on the clock for a 35-32 Eagles win. Both teams stepped on the field…

September 24, 2012

District taps into ELAC reserve funds

By Megan Perry The budget situation at East Los Angeles College for the 2012-13 school  year is getting worse and a new allocation model is not helping matters. This year’s budget is less than last year’s, requiring more dependence on the school’s reserved balance and more cuts to classes and supplies. The Los Angeles Community College District adopted a new allocation model, which affects ELAC in a negative way. The…

September 14, 2012

Huskies pull off come from behind win over Santa Barbara

  By Anthony Merjanoff Late game heroics, with the N o. 20-ranked Huskies scoring 15 points in the last 8:20 minutes of the game, resulted in a 28-27 home opener win. Santa Barbara took a 27-13 lead with 9:21 left in the game. The Huskies responded with a 62-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Cantu to Willie Udofia cut Santa Barbara’s lead to 27-19. Hector Cazales tackled Vaquero quarterback Jared Evans in the end…

September 9, 2012

Required curriculum needs overhaul

By Megan Perry Every other school day, I walk into my earth science laboratory class to see bored students who don’t want to be there, but suffer through the class anyway because they must. Before class, I can hear students griping and groaning about how much they hate the class, can’t stand the work and just wish it was over already. As I walk to my seat, I see some students…

May 23, 2012

English instructor dies of cancer

By Megan Perry Due to the cancer that spread throughout her body, English instructor Genice Everhart died at the young age of 61 on April 16. In her memory, the English department started a scholarship for English as a Second Language students, the Genice Everhart Scholarship. It is a $500 scholarship that the English department awarded on May 10 at the East Los Angeles College Scholarship Foundation Banquet that took place…

May 23, 2012

‘The Raven’ delivers suspense, gore and mystery

By Megan Perry Edgar Allan Poe goes from author of murder mysteries to a character who lives out his own plots in James McTeigue’s latest movie, “The Raven.” The movie is filled with plenty of gore, twists, mystery and suspense to make it unforgettable. Set in Balitimore in the mid-1800s, Poe assists Detective Fields, played by Luke Evans, in trying to solve the case of a crazed murderer who uses…

May 2, 2012

Meet the ASU candidates

The time has come to vote for this year’s Associated Student Union board members. The elections will take place at the main campus next Wednesday and Thursday, and at the South Gate campus next Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. There are nine candidates running for the various positions on the ASU board. The requirements to vote are that a student must attend East Los Angeles College,…

April 19, 2012

Professor plans to retire after 35 years

By Megan Perry Long-time English professor Stanley Oropesa is planning to retire from East Los Angeles College this semester and travel to Eastern Europe. He will be coming back on a part-time basis and is set to teach one or two classes in the spring of next year. “I’m ready to teach two (classes) in the spring, but I’d like to take a semester off to just have some fun…

March 21, 2012