Elan tries to create Machista Club

By Liliana Marquez The word “machista” has always had negative connotations but the new Machista Club will try to reform the definition of the word and its significance in today’s society. During Occupy ELAC, Elan Mike Sanchez saw some division between the men and women who participated in the movement and decided to create a Machista Club.“At first, the idea seemed childish, but it slowly began to gain momentum and…

March 21, 2012

California Dream Act signed, becomes law

By Edgar Lopez The second half of the California Dream Act was signed by Governor Jerry Brown last Saturday, which allows undocumented students to receive state financial aid starting 2013. Assembly Bill 131, which was more difficult for the Senate to pass than the first bill, AB 130, allows students to apply for and receive financial aid, tuition fee waivers and Cal-Grants if they meet certain requirements. This would take…

October 12, 2011