‘Sinister’ frightens audience

By Sergio Berrueta “Sinister” combines popular horror film genres to create a frightful, yet very predictable film. It seems the movie industry gets a new found footage every year around this time, replacing the classic spook house thrillers of yesteryear. “Sinister” tells the story of down-and-out writer Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke, who moves his entire family to a house where a murder and missing children’s case took place,…

October 20, 2012

‘American Pie’ cast reunites for final installment

By Bryan Pedroza Characters from “American Reunion,” the final “American Pie” series, return to East Great Falls for their high school reunion, resulting in a wild and somewhat crazy long overdue weekend. They discover who and what has changed, who hasn’t and that distance and time can’t tear the bonds of friendship. Four small-town Michigan boys, who began their journey to lose their virginity in the summer of 1999, launched what…

March 28, 2012

‘Straw Dogs’ does not disappoint

By Erik Luna If audience reaction accounts for anything, the new thriller, “Straw Dogs”, does not disappoint its suspense-crazed viewers. The movie utilizes many effective techniques to progress its intriguing storyline, such as foreshadowing and suspense. The suspense created by the main character’s unease is very noticeable and sets the mood for the movie. James Marsden plays the lead, David Sumner, who is married to a famous actress named Amy, played…

September 23, 2011