ELAC evolves music for students Department ends year with multiple showcases

The East Los Angeles Music Department will be hosting a series of live musical events on-campus at the S2 Recital Hall during the holiday season. The events will feature student musicians from the ELAC Music Department and showcase the knowledge they have learned through the fall semester. A student recital will be held today at noon. Admission to the event is free. The ELAC Music Department will host a piano…

December 2, 2019

Music advisers share their experiences

May 15, 2019

The Guild of Music Supervisors, a non-profit organization collaborated with East Los Angeles College to bring opportunities to students.

ELAC Music Department has provided opportunities year-round to students that are taking music courses for a general requirement, students that are majoring in music and for the Applied Music students.


OPINION: A needed change for rap talent

When looking at the current generation of rap music, there has been a noticeable decrease in overall quality. It’s hard not to seem like an old person yelling at the newer generation of music for not being as good as their own. But when analyzed, there is without a doubt that lyrical quality has taken a huge nosedive.

May 9, 2019

Arctic Monkeys still lounging on moon in new single

December 8, 2018

Arctic Monkeys are still looking down on us from their hotel on the moon in their new single, “Anyways.” This two-track single includes the title track from their sixth album, released earlier this year, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,” and the B-side, “Anyways.”


Students showcase musical talent at recital

November 28, 2018

By Maritza Ibarra (J-101 Staff Writer) The East Los Angeles College Music Department presented a student recital on November 21 which included  accompanist Melissa Sky-Eagle. Guitarist Eric Qing Xie rocked the electric guitar with beautiful strumming, elegant and sweet sound. It added a perfect dynamics to the song, “Days of Wine and Roses” by Henry Mancini. The second song, ”Etude, No.3 Op.60,” consists of string-picking -lullaby tone written by Matteo Carcassi,…