Arctic Monkeys: New album different but essence remains

BY Luis Castilla The Arctic Monkeys are back after five years with their new album “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” and it’s quite a mesmerizing experience. Alex Turner, frontman and principal songwriter, has taken the reigns almost entirely on this album. Ditching their guitars for synthesizers and vibraphones, there is a very noticeable shift away from rock ‘n’ roll and into a more grandiose form of music. This is the…

May 16, 2018

Mark Foster does it again with “Supermodel”

By William Hernandez After a three-year layoff since their debut album, Foster the People returns with their second album “Supermodel,” coming out with a unique brand of acoustic heavy indie-rock.This album is not only an experiment, but also a testament to the band’s maturity growth as the record takes on a deeper and more passionate side. Lead singer and songwriter Mark Foster followed up with his unique flow of savvy lyrics…

April 17, 2014