Forgetting to register takes a toll on students

By David Ly   One of the most complained about things is missing the class registration date. The East Los Angeles College registration program could be improved. When I was a freshman I missed my registration date for spring. Most people do not know when to register because they are not notified reliably. The way ELAC notifies students is through their district email. When logging in, the system shows students…

May 17, 2014

Students need to take advantage of campus offerings

  By Dulce Carrillo Eat, shower and sleep is usually what happens when getting home from school and work. It is sometimes difficult to study and do homework at home especially when your parents want you to do chores, run errands, or just put the volume higher on soccer games and telenovelas. Yes, our parents want us to go to college and become successful, but they don’t understand that there…

May 2, 2012