Casa 0101 brings a fresh approach to life and death in new play

By Sergio Berrueta Casa 0101’s new play addresses the sensitive issue of life and death in a light-hearted yet realistic manner in their new play “A Cat Named Mercy.” “A Cat Named Mercy” is a touching play that is compelling in its premise, terrific in its cast and delights on a visual standpoint. The play weaves the tale of Catalina Rodriguez, played by ELAC alum Alex Ximienez, a 26 year-old…

February 6, 2014

‘Light in the Darkness’ showcases bright talent

September 12, 2013

  By Ricardo Pimenta Casa 0101, a creative safe haven for the youth of Boyle Heights, introduces a powerhouse of a play with “Light in the Darkness.” Written by Victor Tamayo, then adapted and directed by Ramon “Monxies” Flores, who with the help of Producer Emmanuel Deleage,  “Light in the Darkness” ventures deep into the life of a gangster in Boyle Heights “Light in the Darkness” offers audiences a window…


Casa 0101 play tackles gay issues

By Erik Luna With an awe-inspiring ensemble of actors, the second annual production of the “Brown & Out Theater Festival,” sets the mixed emotions of being gay to the Casa 0101 stage. Eleven segments are stitched into two acts, starting with the humorous “Foundation For a Better Gay Brown Life,” to the informative “Forever Young,” creating one, for a lack of a better word, fabulous play. Each segment in the play…

October 4, 2012