League of Women Voters informs Elans about propositions

By Javier Lopez The League of Women Voters Los Angeles (LWVLA) and the Associated Student Union (ASU) brought guest speakers to ELAC in order to inform students about the pros and cons of Proposition 55 and 57. The debate began with Kim McGill from the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) defending Prop. 57. She stated all of the benefits that the proposition would bring to California’s communities. One of the problems…

October 12, 2016

Prop 55 helps provide for education

By Javier Lopez The smarter Californians are, the more prosperous the state will be, and proposition 55 will help us reach that goal. California needs more money for education. If voters pass Proposition 55, the K-12 educational system and community colleges, will be funded through a tax that has already been in place since 2012, thanks to Proposition 30. Proposition 55 will be an extension of proposition 30 which taxes the…

September 21, 2016