Unsanitary women’s locker rooms

women’s locker room has needed a bit of deep cleaning for a while now. Located in the C1 building for mainly gym and health classes, the women’s locker room has been through a lot. One of the many things is the result of last year’s food drive. Many cans and packs of food were left in the showers of the locker room, and are now being used for this year’s…

December 2, 2019

Earthquake readiness workshop prepares students for big one

By Melody Ortiz An earthquake safety workshop that discussed earthquake readiness and preparation was held Monday. ELAC’s Fire Technology Coordinator Jason Hosea began the lecture portion by saying, “You don’t rise to the level of the occasion, you rise to the level of your training,” meaning the more knowledgeable one is in a situation, the better suited they are to handle it. He talked about the importance of being prepared…

October 11, 2017

Elan’s safety should be top priority

By Erik Luna Should I cross now? No, how about now? It’s been over five minutes, I have to get to class already. The students who park in the hills behind East Los Angeles College know the fear of crossing Floral Dr. during rush hour. Busy bodies from East Los Angeles and Monterey Park zip through this street on their way back from lunch or to rush back home. Usually there will…

March 21, 2012