ELAC student follows his dream

By Ariana Renteria  The fresh air surrounds 24-year-old Jonathan Perez, an East Los Angeles College student, as he bikes down and around the streets of San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles. He is undocumented and without any fear of being out of the shadows. When Perez was in tenth grade, he stood up against the idea that his classmates and he were being criminalized. Following a questioning and being…

March 28, 2012

ELAC football heads to American Championship Bowl after win

By Megan Perry Huskies come back with a bang for an undefeated title in conference and a spot in the American Championship Bowl next Saturday after a 37-year deficit. The Bowl is to take place at Santa Monica College against the Corsairs, a team that Huskies lost to earlier this season. East Los Angeles College is ranked No. 16 in Southern California, and is the champion of the American Mountain Conference. The…

November 15, 2011