‘Comedy of Errors’ modernizes a Shakespeare originalB

April 18, 2018

By Christian Horta “Comedy of Errors” opens up with the Merchant of Syracuse, Egeon, played by Ramon Ramos, begging for redemption to stay alive to find his family. The play takes place in the city of Ephesus, where Egeon is not supposed to be. Egeon is violating a travel ban between the cities of Ephesus and Syracuse, which are two rival cities.  As a result,  he is being sentenced to…


Vincent Price Art Museum, theatre entertain in summer

By Jesus Figueroa Summer has fewer students around the East Los Angeles College campus, but the Art Department kept on going with artist Carmen Argote’s exhibit “720 Sq. Ft.: Shape Seeps Through,” a Shakespeare workshop and the world premiere of the music video for “Luna Lovers” by Las Cafeteras. The Large Gallery, located on the second floor of the Vincent Price Art Museum, housed the large carpet installation from the…

September 12, 2013