Delloro Program dedicated to social justice

By Michael Dominguez The Delloro program is a two-year program for a transfer degree in Social Justice. The program is run by professor Raeanna Gleason, the director of the program. Gleason has also gotten help from history professor Michael Collings and sociology professor Eileen Ie, to create the program. “In this program, students will learn to to become powerful scholars, community organizers and advocates for social justice,” Gleason said. Within…

May 2, 2018

History of Mexican segregation upsets audience

By Allison Beatty The Social Justice Platica series was centered on the Mendez v. Westminster legal case of 1947 and the hidden contributions of women. The speaker was Dr. Nadine Bermudez, the Associate professor of Chicano/a Studies department and the director of the honors program at East Los Angeles College. Bermudez asked the audience beforehand if anyone had ever heard of this case before. Less than a fourth of the…

December 1, 2017

Student issues at forefront of social justice lecture

  By Gustavo Buenrostro Students’ lack of foundation and the problems they face during college was the main topic at the lecture for the Adelante Program’s first Social Justice Plactica Thursday. The speaker of the event was Dr. Nancy Acevedas-Gil, assistant professor at Cal State San Bernardino and was presented by the Adelante first-year program. “The goal (of the Social Justice Plactica’s) is to expose the campus to a different…

October 4, 2017