OPINION: Legalization finally comes to street vendors

By Michael Barragan Governor Jerry Brown’s approval of Senate Bill 946 on Sept. 17 is a step in the right direction for street vendors in California. The bill will change the law to legalize street vending in California, something that should have been done long ago. The law will allow for those with previous street vending convictions and pending citations to petition for dismissal. Under the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act,…

October 13, 2018

OPINION: Life as a street vendor shouldn’t be so rough

  By Julio Sanchez Street vendors should be allowed to exercise their economic rights and be able to provide for their families without being labeled as a criminal for working. Providing for a family while working 40 hours a week is challenging, but to work beyond that while being neglected the right to do so, is admirable. Many immigrants come to the U.S. with high hopes for a better life….

September 20, 2017

Street vendors bring no harm to the community

By Erik Luna On any given day, most people who walk the streets of East Los Angeles can see various street vendors walking with their assorted products for sale. What most people don’t see are the citations these vendors get for going out and trying to earn an honest dollar. Most of these vendors usually sell a wide variety of snacks such as churros, corn on the cob, cups of shaved…

December 7, 2011