ELAC to offer AA on Women and Gender Studies

BY Kevin Camargo After eight years of work, East Los Angeles College announces it will be offering an Associates in Arts for Women and Gender Studies. It all started when three students wanted to transfer to UCLA as women’s studies majors, but ELAC did not offer any women’s studies courses. After that, director of the Honor’s Program Susanne Spangler, professor of sociology Dr. Rin Kahla, and Articulation Officer Counselor Cathleen…

September 27, 2017

ELAC proposes women’s studies major degree

By Danny Vasquez   A new women’s studies major is in process to come to East Los Angeles College, the first women’s studies degree the Los Angeles Community College District will have. ELAC Honors Program Director, Susanne Spangler presented the idea as an outgrowth of the honors program. “In the district there are no other women’s studies majors…there is a general studies AA degree at Pierce that you can do…

March 6, 2013