Tobacco use increased to an absurd 21 age

By Christopher Jimenez Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to raise the age of buying tobacco to 21 on Wednesday. While the law does help to  decrease bad health habits, it also has an impact on young adult smokers. California is the second state to raise the age of buying tobacco products, after Hawaii. This bill will take effect on June 9. As a 20-year-old student who has smoked cigarettes…

May 11, 2016

E-cigarettes: a gateway into addiction

By Russell Zazueta Anti-smoking activists have a new enemy known as the e-cigarette, and it’s bringing smokers back to stomp on their campaign. E-cigarettes have been around since the 1960s, and business is booming more than ever. As e-cigarettes continue to skyrocket in popularity, so will the curiosity to taste a cigarette, and in the process, reinstitute the dirty habit that anti-smoking campaigns have antagonized for over 50 years. With…

March 26, 2014