Photographer shows insight on East-side neighborhood culture

By Eddie Mike Garcia A visual look at backyard scenes across the East-side neighborhoods of Los Angeles will be on display at the Vincent Price Art Museum with the opening reception on Saturday at 7 p.m. Rafael Cardenas, known for his fascinating street style of photography, will present a collection of new works that capture the backyard activities of parties, social gatherings and get togethers and the people that put…

April 25, 2018

VPAM to share altar life at student art show

By Jorge Vazquez The Vincent Price Art Museum will showcase altars of legendary Hispanic icons made by Chicana/o Studies students for Dia De Los Muertos. This is going to be the 14th annual Dia De Los Muertos Student Altar exhibit that VPAM hosts and the 6th year Chicana/o Studies 54 professor Angelita Rovero-Herrera oversees it. Her class of 36 creates 10 altars for famous Xicano legends such as Ritchie Valens,…

October 5, 2017

Exhibition gives audience production insight

By Rogelio Alvarez  “Tartuffe: Costumes and CTE Technology” showcased the collaborative process in the making of the East Los Angeles College Theater Arts Department’s production of “Tartuffe” at the Vincent Price Art Museum. The costumes and parts of the stage set were created with Cutting Tool Engineering (CTE) technology, such as a fabric printer and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router. “We have a joint-agreement with the Architecture and Engineering Departments….

February 16, 2017

VPAM student altars exhibit celebrate life and culture

By Diego Linares  A melange of heavy hearts, bright minds and curious onlookers filled the Community Focus Gallery of the Vincent Price Arts Museum for the 13th annual “Day of the Dead: Student Altars” exhibition last Saturday. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a day in Mexican tradition when it is believed that people who have died come back to visit, as the living celebrate their lives…

November 3, 2016

Family and culture honored through exhibit

By Diego Linares  The 13th annual “Day of the Dead: Student Altars” exhibit, opening this Saturday, is a commemoration of influential Chicano/a public figures who have made a significant impact in the arts. The exhibition is a display of altars and ofrendas (offerings) honoring those who have died. Chicano/a Studies professor Angelita Rovero-Herrera is spearheading the upcoming event and says she sees the exhibit as a way of promoting the…

October 26, 2016

Latino youth culture celebrated through art, style and music

By Ivan Cazares  More than 70 years of Los Angeles youth culture in the form of candid art, music and photography is on display at the Vincent Price Art Museum until February 25. Tastemakers and Earthshakers: Notes From Los Angeles Youth Culture opened to the public Saturday. The exhibit cites Latino  youth experiences post-World War 2 to present time and display a correlation between Los Angeles youth culture, important social…

October 20, 2016

VPAM opens annual exhibit

By Gustavo Buenrostro  The annual exhibit, “New Voices” is showcasing students’ artwork to the public on the ground floor of the Vincent Price Art Museum. Admission is free for students and the general public. The student exhibition is an annual fall exhibit with the  art submitted during the previous academic year. Some works of art tell the viewer about  human nature, greed and violence. One of the pieces of art…

September 21, 2016