‘Thor: Ragnarok’ ends trilogy with humorous tone

By Frank Portillo “Thor: Ragnarok” is not only the funniest Marvel movie to date, but is also one of the best at using its universe of characters. It’s a film that beautifully wraps up the trilogy, It is hard not to describe “Ragnarok” as a comedy because of how much humor is involved. But the film also manages to be emotionally moving when the story demands it. The humorous tone…

November 15, 2017

The Feature Is Ours podcast series

Campus News presents “The Feature Is Ours,” an entertainment podcast hosted by staff members, and self-proclaimed movie buffs, Anastasia Landeros and Gustavo Buenrostro. On this episode, hosts Anastasia and Gustavo discuss the importance of Thor’s hair in the new promotional photos for Thor: Ragnarok and who will play Cable in next year’s Deadpool 2.

March 9, 2017