Elac, UCLA host event to provide transfer opportunities

By Erica Cortes The UCLA’s Center for the Community College Partnership hosted a social painting and planting party on Wednesday in the multi-purpose room.  They shared food and painting pots while planting small succulents.  The CCCP partnered with UCLA ambassadors to help current students transfer.  The event’s objective was to give information about upcoming events and encourage others to join the community.  Chely Gonzalez, the program’s  coordinator was in charge…

March 2, 2020

ELAC Student under Dream Act Accomplishes his Goal

By Rene Rauda Single, hard-working father Hector Casas, an East Los Angeles College student under the Dream Act accomplished his goal to transfer for fall. As an undocumented student, his dream is to one day attend Cal-State Long Beach or the University College of Los Angeles. Once he attends to either those, Casas plans to major in history. In the past, he faced hard times not caring about breaking the…

May 16, 2017

School services aid student success

By Cortez Cruz Serrato and Rogelio Alvarez Students often worry about feeling stuck at a junior college, but fail to realize that they have every opportunity to graduate or transfer in a timely manner. Colleges around the country offer multiple resources to help students complete the process of obtaining a degree at an appropriate pace, but most students just refuse to take advantage. East Los Angeles College is no different…

May 6, 2015

Counselors ignore students’ goals

By Jesus Figueroa The counselors at East Los Angeles College concentrate on getting students out of community college, but they fail to serve students’ needs toward finding a major or concentrating on a major. Many students come to community college undecided or unsure about their major. As part of the registration process, incoming students are asked to visit with a counselor and develop an educational plan as well as take…

October 29, 2014

East Los Angeles College degree completion should be priority

By Maegan Ortiz East Los Angeles College needs to do more to ensure a broad variety of students graduate. ELAC needs to offer more individual attention via smaller classes and better counseling and tutoring services to make this possible. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released statistics showing that people who earn a two-year degree leading directly to a job, like through the nursing program, and those who earn academic…

June 3, 2014